Jamii guide

Release 1.1.5

New features

  • French language added

Updated feature

  • SMS notifications: We have reduced the number of sms’es sent out. Previously an sms was sent out when the meeting started, during the meeting when the member makes a transaction, and when the meeting is over. Now, we do no longer send out sms’es when the meeting opens and closes.

Updated features for EDIR groups or groups with 100+ members

  • Enable all members to contribute in the meeting.
  • Search/ filter members during meeting


Release 1.1.3 (android only)

New features

  • Somali language added

Updated features

  •  Minor fixes for the styling

Release 1.1.2

Updated features

  • Service fee can now be in decimals, such as 12,5 %
  • Meeting numbers can now exceed 100
  • Supporting phone numbers from The Dominican Republic

Release 1.0.9

New features

  • Enabled service fee of 0%
  • Enabled up to 12 month loans
  • Meeting notes added
  • Income and expenses separated
 Updated features/ bug fixes

  • Bug in SHG baseline savings fixed
  • More help texts for server error added
  • Misc adjustments on deposit and withdrawals

Release 1.0.8

New features

  • Notifications: SMS, Email and system notifications to let users know when there is new activity in the app. Each user can edit which notification they want to receive.
 Updated features

  • The member that creates the group gets assigned member number 100 instead of 1.
  • Members that are added to a group does not need a password and pincode

Release 1.0.7

New features

  • Language Afaan Omoro is now supported!
  • The Home screen now include important messages are displayed at the top. Currently we display Corona prevention advice
  • The Home screen also include total number of users
 Updated features

  • “Help” moved onto the home screen

Release 1.0.6

New features

  • New group types: SHG and SILC. Please see a guide on how to use Jamiipay group app for SHG/SILC
  • User stats. Follow live how many users are being onboarded in the Jamiipay group app
 Updated features

  • Updated group overview with a few more group informations 
  • Updated group info: Social fund amount. Please note that there is not yet possible to register social fund collections in a meeting

Release 1.0.5

Adjustments/ fixes:

  • Reasons for shareout translated to amharic
  • Problems with flags solved

New features

  • Forgot password – now it’s possible to send a new password to your phone if you have forgotten it.
  • Shares ledger – simple overview of all shares in the group
  • Loans ledger – simple overview of all loans in the group – active and repaid.

Release 1.0.4

Adjustments/ fixes:

  • Added all roles to add member screen 
  • Reasons for taking a new loan was always set to the English version 

New features

  • Group profile image
  • Profile image on users and members