How SHG and SILCs can start to use Jamii….coming soon!

How SHG and SILC groups can start to use Jamiipay


The Jamiipay Group mobile application is currently primarily suited to the VSLA modality and has limited features for SHG and SILC approaches. However, is closely working with implementing organizations following these approaches and will be releasing new versions frequently accommodating more features of the modalities in the near future. 

A general guide on how to use Jamiipay in meetings, can be found on . The guide is based on a meeting in a VSLA group, but the main difference is, that if you are a SHG or SILC, you will not register members’ savings in shares, but rather in amount of birr. Hence, you can use these guides and whenever you find the guide mentioning shares, use amounts in birr instead for your case. 

Features that you can use

If you are a SHG or a SILC group, you can use Jamiipay in a limited version to register the group LOAN LEDGER, more specifically:


·         Attendance

·         Savings in birr (amount deposited by each member in the meeting)

·         Loan repayment

·         New loans (be aware that max. loan duration is 3 months in the current version)

·         Late fee

Features that you cannot yet use

In the current version of the app (1.0.6), you cannot yet register activities in the SOCIAL LEDGER. That means:


·         no contributions to social fund

·         no loans from social fund


These functionalities will be developed in the future


How to get started

When getting started in using Jamiipay, there are 2 things to be aware of: Group type and Baseline (see below). A general guide to get started can be found under “How to get started

Select group type

When you create the group, you can currently choose between 3 group types:
VSLA, SILC or SHG, as seen from the below screens. This will mean, that if you choose SHG or SILC, the savings you will be able to register will be in birr amount. If you choose VSLA, you will be able to register savings in shares.