Jamii guide

5 step guide to get started


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Create a jamiipay account

How to create a profile:


Good to know 

  • You can later edit your profile with information like language, gender, profile image etc.
  • If you enter your phone number you will be able to receive free SMS notifications. 


Add a group

How to add a new group:


Good to know 

  • This information is used in the app for automatic calculation
  • You can further edit the group’s information such as Cycle number, Loan ceiling, Meeting day & Meeting frequency 
  • You can add as many groups as you wish
  • The person that creates the group is automatically “group owner” and have administrator rights.


Add members

When you add a new member, you can either create a new profile or add a member that already has a jamii profile.


How to add a new member:


Good to know 

  • You can add as many members in a group as you need. 

  • You can either add members with their name only, or create a Jamiipay account where they are able to login

  • Members that enter their phone number will be able to receive free SMS notifications during the meeting

  • If a member should be able to register meetings, they need to be given the member role “agent”. 

  • Agents will also be listed under “members” but will not be able to register savings and loans.


Your first registration – the baseline

The first thing you need to do is register all savings for each member and the status of current loans. This way the books and numbers in the app are totally up to date.

How to do a baseline:


Good to know 

  • Baseline registration enables you to start using Jamii at any time – even if your group has existed for multiple years.

  • It is extremely important that the data that you enter in the baseline registration is correct, because it’s the fundament for all future registrations 


You are now ready to start using the app in meetings

View our tutorials for how to use the app in meetings

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