How do I use the the App for existing old groups?

You can start with old groups by registering the “baseline data”. A baseline is the status quo of the group. The first meeting you register in Jamiipay is a baseline meeting. Here you register

  • Total savings for a member so far
  • All current loans that are not paid back in full
  • If you wish; total fines/ late fees

Finally, you do a box count and enter the current amount.

This is the crucial data that we need to provide the app, in order to make sure that the numbers in the books and the app are aligned.

If you want to, you can also register all the previous loans for each member, to have a complete history. Here we recommend to register all the previous meetings

The first meeting you register, is a baseline meeting. You can see a guide of it, here  It’s both in English and Amharic.